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Verifying Your Phone

We continually work to improve the quality of the Fiverr marketplace. The security of your account is important to us, and verifying our sellers through phone verification is a standard measure to increase the level of account security and trust.

Furthermore, as Fiverr is becoming a primary service for millions of users, we are obliged to comply with certain security regulations aiming at increasing the level of your account’s security.

When creating your first Gig, you’ll be prompted to verify your phone before your Gig can be published. If you are an existing seller, you will be notified to verify your phone through our site.

Note: This feature is not available to all users on Fiverr.

To verify your phone:

  1. Once logged in, you will be prompted to verify your phone (within a banner at the top of the page). Click Verify Now.
  2. After reading the information regarding the verification, click Verify Now.
    Your country is selected automatically based on your IP address.
  3. Enter your phone number and select either Verify by SMS or Verify by Call.
    If you selected Verify by SMS, you will receive a verification code to your phone.
    If you selected Verify by Call, you will receive a call with the verification code to input.
  4. Enter your verification code and click Submit Code.
  5. Click OK.

Note: If you were prompted to verify your phone and you decided to skip this procedure, you can always complete the verification process through your security settings (click your username, and then click Settings > Security).

Will my phone number be public?

Absolutely not! We do not share your phone number with other Fiverr users.

Your privacy is just as important to us as your account security. Your phone number remains private with Fiverr, and will not be used for commercial use or marketing purposes.

How will you use my phone number?

After we verify your number for the first time, we will ask you to verify again at different touch-points for your own account security. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, but keeping your account secured is worth the minimal effort.

What if I don’t verify my phone number?

  • New Sellers: Verifying your phone is a precondition to becoming a seller at Fiverr. We very much hope that you will choose to comply with this policy for your own benefit of account security and enhanced buyers trust.  
    If you choose not to verify your phone, your account will be restricted from selling. This means that the creation process of your first Gig will not be completed and you won’t be receiving any orders.
  • Existing Sellers: We provide you with a 30-day grace period to comply with our verification policy. We very much hope that you choose to comply with this policy for your own benefit of account security and enhanced buyers trust.
    We cannot make any exceptions; If you choose not to comply with our policy within 30 days, your account will be restricted from selling. This means that you will not receive any new orders, your existing Gigs will be disabled, and you will not be allowed to create new Gigs.

Why do I need to answer a security question?

Providing us with your own unique answer to a security question of your choice is required as a backup procedure in case you lose your phone or wish to replace it with a different number. 

Please make sure you don’t forget the answer you provide because it will be our only way of recovering an account that has any verification problems.

Tip: Do not send the security answer to your email.

What happens if I lose my phone or need to change my number?

You may change your number from your profile settings at any time.

What if I don’t own a mobile phone?

That is not a problem at all: We provide the option to receive the verification code by a Call as well as SMS. So if you don’t have a mobile, you can simply provide your landline phone number.

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