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Creating Your Gig

Your Gig is the place to showcase your talent to potential buyers. Ensure you create Gigs, which represent the scope of work you deliver, in a clear and accurate way.

We do not allow Gigs, which abuse our buyers or violate the Terms of Service of another website. For more information, read our legal Terms of Service.

Number Of Gigs per Seller

As a seller, you can create up to:

  • 7 Gigs as a non-leveled seller
  • 15 Gigs as a Level 1 Seller
  • 20 Gigs as a Level 2 Seller
  • 30 Gigs as a Top Rated Seller


Your Gig titles should be written in a clear and concise matter.


When writing your Gig description, you should:

    • Be clear about your Gig’s purpose and the service you provide.
    • Avoid using external links or include private contact information.
    • Be clear about your Gig’s scope and try to avoid asking buyers to contact you before placing an order.
    • Use only English - Make sure what you write is grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes.
      Suggestion: Please review your Gig delivery and proofread any written text before you deliver your orders.
    • Avoid copying the description from other sellers’ Gigs.
    • Be concise and accurate.

Buyer Instructions/Requirements

The information you provide to your buyer should include specific details needed to successfully complete their order.

    • Please ensure you are clear and concise when answering the questions for your buyers.
    • Make sure you explain exactly what you need from the buyer to complete the project.


  • Only use images, videos, or other types of content in your portfolio, which are created or fully owned by you.
  • Categories with video as the main delivery output, must have a video as the main media source.
  • Categories with audio as the main delivery output, must have at least one audio or video file attached.
  • The images you use should be clear, high resolution (not pixelated), and in the right dimensions.
  • Don’t add badges on the image.  
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