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What is Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr business buyers are constantly on the lookout for highly professional services. Fiverr Pro aims to meet those needs by offering high-quality, easy to find, verified professional sellers. As a professional freelancer, this means new business channels, and even more opportunities to find success on Fiverr.

How do I apply to become a Pro Seller?

Applying for Fiverr Pro is open to everyone: professionals freelancers who are new to Fiverr, as well as long-time Fiverr sellers. You can find the application page and requirements right here.

How does Fiverr decide whether I’m eligible to become a Pro seller?

Fiverr business buyers want the very best. We therefore requests Pro candidates to go through a vetting process: We’ll ask you to tell us about your professional background, your higher education, notable projects you’ve worked on, etc. Once we get to know you, we will evaluate your application form and notify you whether you were found eligible to open a Pro Gig.

What are the benefits of becoming a Pro Seller?

Fiverr Pro helps you take your talent to the next level, with a highly professional environment, serious business buyers and elite peers. We offer a hassle-free process, so you’ll get paid easily and on time, every time. Our dedicated Success Managers will assist you in maximizing the platform, and if needed, Fiverr will resolve issues that might come up between Buyers and Sellers.

Is there a membership fee?

Becoming a Pro seller does not entail paying a membership fee. Fiverr Pro orders carry the standard Fiverr referral fees charged from all Fiverr sellers.

Is the Gig ordering process different on Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr Pro offers the same frictionless and quick ordering process, allowing you to focus on delivering highly professional services. Pro Sellers may still send their customers Custom Offers (quotes) based on their specific needs.

What subcategories are available in Fiverr Pro?

At this time, Fiverr Pro Gigs are available in the following categories:

  • Graphic & Design > Logo Design
  • Writing & Translation > Articles & Blog Posts
  • Video & Animation > Whiteboard & Explainer Videos
  • Digital Marketing > Social Media Marketing

We will gradually open Fiverr Pro in more categories and subcategories. Feel free to apply, regardless of the category that’s relevant to you. We will review your application and get back to you once we start rolling out Fiverr Pro in other subcategories.

I’ve received a rejection email, can I apply again?

Sure. If you think that your application form did not properly present your talent or abilities, you can improve your application and submit it for another evaluation. You can also open a regular Fiverr Gig, build a strong portfolio and deliver great work, to increase your chances of becoming eligible for becoming a Fiverr Pro seller.

What if something goes wrong with an order?

We’re here for you. Pro Sellers have access to 24-hour VIP support. Your satisfaction is important to us, so if needed, Fiverr will resolve issues that might come up between Buyers and Sellers.

Can I convert my existing Fiverr Gig to a Pro Gig?

Unfortunately not. Your Pro offering should be different (and better) than your current offering. You can keep your existing Gig while opening a separate Pro Gig, just make sure you're offering something different in each Gig.

What if I’m already a Fiverr seller?

Whether you’re a Fiverr expert or you’ve just opened your first Gig - applying for Fiverr Pro is open to everyone. A vetted seller can offer both Pro and regular Gigs, so you don’t have to worry about your existing Gigs. Do you already have a Fiverr Seller Level badge? No problem -  Fiverr Pro does not exclude or eliminate your current level.

How will buyers know I’m a Pro seller?

Only sellers that meet the Fiverr Pro standards will be eligible to open a Pro Gig. Every Pro Gig is labeled with a Pro badge, so that buyers know they’re getting the very best. Buyers will also have the option to filter the Gigs catalogue, so that Pro Gigs are shown first.

How long is the vetting process?

The Fiverr Pro vetting process differs from one seller to another, and from one category to another. Furthermore, we are gradually rolling Fiverr Pro out to the various categories and subcategories (see list of initial rollout below). You may apply to categories not included in the initial rollout. Out of respect for your time, we promise we’ll do our best to make it as efficient and quick as possible.

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