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What is Fiverr Pro?

Who are the Sellers labeled as Pro?

Freelancers that are eligible to open a Fiverr Pro Gig have gone through a vetting process conducted by our team of experts. We have verified that they are experienced professionals, with a great track record and high-level deliveries.

What do I get as a Pro buyer?

Fiverr Pro offers you access to hand-vetted, high-quality talent at a relatively affordable rate. You can now collaborate with verified professionals, that come with excellent credentials and extensive experience. Fiverr Pro expands the same frictionless and quick ordering process, allowing you to easily find first-in-class freelancers.

What if i’m not satisfied with the seller or their deliveries?  

We’re here for you. Pro buyers have access to 24-hour VIP support. Your satisfaction is important to us, so if needed, Fiverr will resolve issues that might come up between Buyers and Sellers. Our goal is that you build long-lasting relationship with trustworthy sellers.

How can I tell the difference between regular and Pro sellers?

Only sellers that meet the Fiverr Pro vetting standards will be eligible to open a Pro Gig - which are labeled with a Pro badge - so that you’ll know you're getting the very best. You will also have the option to filter the Gigs catalogue, so that Pro Gigs are shown first.

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