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Using Available Now

Available Now is a new way to attract buyers by being online, ready to respond to messages, and being able to start orders right away.  

To qualify to use this feature:

  • You must have delivered at least five orders.
  • You must have less than five orders in queue.
  • You must have a low cancellation rate 

Note: We also recommend you have the mobile app and notifications switched on, so you are able to receive and reply to a message wherever you are.

To enable Available Now:

  1. Once logged in, click the Available Now icon.
  2. If you are eligible to use this feature, in the I’m AVAILABLE NOW area, click to enable.
    The Available Now icon turns green and lets the buyer community know that you are available.


Q. What happens if I do not reply in time?

A. If you do not reply in time, AVAILABLE NOW will automatically switch off. If you do not reply in time for three times, you will not be eligible to be part of Available Now for the next 30 days.

Q. Will my search results be affected if I do not turn on Available Now?

A. If the buyer enables AVAILABLE NOW on their end, opting to see Available Now Gigs first, then the results will be sorted by Available Now Gigs. Other than that, Available Now has no impact on the search algorithm.

Q. What is the advantage of using Available Now?

A. Our data has shown that faster response times equals higher conversions. Using Available Now can help expose you to buyers who want urgent attention, and want to know you can answer their questions immediately. In addition, they will feel confident and reassured that you will be able to start their project straight away.

Q. Can a Pro Seller enable AVAILABLE NOW?

A. Yes, as long as they meet all the other criteria.

Q. How is this different from Online Now?

A. Buyers and sellers are considered online when they have the Fiverr site opened in their browsers and are logged in. With Available Now, a seller needs to meet certain criteria to be eligible, they need to opt in and agree to respond to buyers in under five minutes, ready to start an order if need be.

Q. Is it time sensitive, and do I need to deliver right away?

A. No, you don’t have to deliver right away. You need to be available to start an order right away and deliver by the agreed delivery time specified in the order.

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