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What are the Gig Statuses?

When your Gig is published, it can have a variety of statuses that may require further attention from you. A tool tip is given on your My Gigs page to help you understand what each status means. To help expand on that see below: 

  • Active - Your Gig is visible and may be ordered by all users.

  • Draft - You need to finish editing your Gig before it goes live.
  • Paused - No one can see your Gig in search results and it can't be ordered from. You can pause and activate your Gig from the option menu found on the My Gigs list.

  • Denied - This Gig failed to pass our review and is not visible to anyone. Please check your email for the reason why the Gig did not pass our review.

  • On Hold - This Gig is disabled due to inactivity. You can reactivate it later, similar to suspended Gigs.

  • Pending Review - Gig is pending Fiverr's review and is not yet available. Please allow our Content Editors time to review your Gig.

  • Express - Express Gig. You must deliver active orders within 24 hours

  • Featured - Your Gig was hand picked by our Editors and highlighted throughout Fiverr

  • Attention - Your Gig requires some modifications before it goes live. Please check your email for the further instructions.


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