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Missing Orders

At times, payments may not immediately create an order. Causes of this issue are related to pre-screening transactions from your payment processor or bank before the funds are released to Fiverr or if there is a technical issue with the payment processor sending those funds to Fiverr.

In the event that this happens, please create a request to our Customer Support team with the following helpful information: 

  • Your Paypal transaction ID from your purchase
    • Paypal payments commonly are alphanumeric strings following a hashtag (#123ABC456DEF)
    • Paypal receipts can be helpful as well. Note: Transaction IDs are found in your receipt email.
  • The Gig title or Seller name you purchased from
  • The total purchase amount 

Customer Support can attempt to restore the order with the payment provided, or refund those payments back to the payment provider if we're unable to do so.

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