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Gig Metadata - FAQ

Gig® Metadata is a new feature that allows you to specify details of your Gig in the form of a keyword. This will help widen your Gig's exposure when buyers search for services relevant to your Gig on Fiverr®.

For example, a voiceover artist may add Metadata to describe the language they speak, the accent they use, or the file type they deliver to buyers.

Q: Why should I use Metadata?

A: Adding meta data will help you expand your Gig’s reach when buyers perform relevant searches on Fiverr. This can lead to more exposure, traffic and sales to your Gig. 

Q: Why can’t I add Metadata to all of my Gigs?

A: The Metadata implementation is an ongoing process, we have already introduced this feature to a number of subcategories as mentioned below:

Q: What is the new "TYPE" on my Gig Extras?

A: You can connect your Gig's Metadata and your Extras, so that when buyers  search for a specific service you charge an extra for, they will still see your Gig, but the price will be updated accordingly.

Q: Why can’t I add my own Metadata?

A: We’ve compiled a list of the most common search terms related to the subcategories for you to choose from. If you need other values, you can use the “suggest” selection and send your required MD field.

Requests are monitored and gradually updated by our team. 

Q: How will Metadata affect my search results position?

A: Currently, it does not affect your results. We are still in the research phase of this feature and once we've collected sufficient amount of data, it will be introduced to our search results. 

Q: Why can’t I select more items from the list?

A: The idea behind the Metadata is to describe your Gig with a high level of precision. We are doing that to make sure that once a user is asking for a precise service, they will see results that are very relevant to their needs.

For example, in “Logo design” sellers are required to pick the type of logo they provide (text, symbol, badge, etc...). We are aware that some sellers are able to design any type of logo, however, we want to make sure that if a buyer asks for a specific type of logo, the results that are seen (as represented from the Gig title, image, description and work samples) will be as precise as possible.

If you feel that an important part of your Gig is “left out”, you might want to also consider starting a new Gig focusing on other types of services you provide. 

Q: Can I change my Gig Metadata?

A: Sure. You can always go back to your Gig Edit page and make changes to your metadata selections. 

Q: What is ‘Deal Package’ in the Extra ‘Type’?

A: If you combine separated Extras into one, reduced price Extra, you should use the “deal package” type. For example:

- One of your extras is “HD file”, and you charge $10 for this extra.

- Another Extra you offer is “Background Music” and you charge $15 for this Extra.

- You can offer “HD file + Background Music” for $20, and mark this extra as a “Deal Package”. 

Q: I have some thoughts on this feature, how can I share them with Fiverr team?  

A: On the Gig edit page we've added a feedback form, which you can use to send your thoughts and feedback directly to our product team. We invite you to use this form and help us improve. 

Important! Please Note:

Make sure that the Gig’s Metadata match the service offered on your Gig. Misleading buyers with wrong Metadata may hurt your conversion rates and lead to your Gig being removed.

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