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My Gig was denied, so now what do I do?

We want all services to succeed on Fiverr. However, as part of our Terms of Service and respect to fellow community members and content creators, some Gigs may be denied for various reasons. Every Gig that is denied by our Marketplace Integrity team is reviewed thoroughly before considering the action to remove the Gig. Once removed, every Gig that is denied will have an accompanying email specifying why the Gig was denied. 


  • Gigs that are removed for Copyright violations can be reviewed if you are the owner of the Intellectual Property. Please see our guide here:
  • Gigs that are removed for non-Copyright related violations will not be restored to modify the Gig to a different service. We encourage you to read the email sent to you to understand why the Gig was removed and if a corrected course is needed, you can resubmit a new Gig. Please know that if you're trying to submit a Gig that is a severe violation to our Terms of Service, your account may be subject for closure. 
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