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Using Notifications

The notifications area contains information related to your Fiverr account, which include direct links to actions you can take later.

To access your notifications:

  1. Once logged in, from the top menu, click the Notifications icon to expand and view.
  2. To see more notifications, scroll down.

In the notifications area, you can see:

  • Orders, which were created.
  • Information, which was submitted.
  • Orders, which were updated.
  • Completed orders.
  • Revisions requests.
  • Reviews on orders.
  • much more…


  • Each order notification represents a single order.
  • Each order notification includes the username and image, Gig thumbnail, and the subcategory it belongs to.
  • The order status is indicated by an icon.
  • If you missed a few new updates for the same order, a number will indicate how many need your attention.
  • You can view a full list of your notifications in your Dashboard.
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