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Sending Offers


Sending Offers allows sellers to be proactive and offer their services to potential buyers in a customized manner. Learn more.

To send an offer:

  1. Once logged in, from the main menu, click Messages > Inbox, and then click See All in Inbox.
  2. Open a message within the list.
  3. Click Create an Offer.
    If you have more than one Gig, select an existing Gig to build your offer.
  4. Describe your offer by including all the necessary details, which answer your buyer’s requirements.
  5. Select whether you would like to deliver in one delivery or with Milestones (for orders over $100). For more information, see Working with Milestones.

    Note: The Milestones feature is still not available for all sellers, and in all categories.

    • Using Milestones helps you manage bigger, more complex projects. Milestones ensures you will receive payment for completed tasks during the project, in turn allowing buyers to establish trust in your services.
    • If you chose to offer  Milestones, you will need to fill in a name for each  Milestone (e.g. for Whiteboard & Explainers "Storyboard"), along with the time it will take you to complete this Milestone, and the amount you would like to charge for it. You can have up to three Milestones per project. On the Final Delivery, you will need to submit the full project for delivery (after your last step in the project).
  6. Add the number of revisions you offer and the expiration time for your offer.
  7. If you already received all the required information, you can disable the Ask for Gig Requirements. As a result, once the buyer accepts your Custom Offer, the order will start automatically.
  8. Define the pricing attributes you would like to include in your offer.
  9. Click Submit Offer.


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