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Sending Offers

Sending Offers allows sellers to be proactive and offer their services to potential buyers in a customized manner. Learn more.

To send an offer:

  1. Once logged in, from the main menu, click Messages > Inbox.
  2. Click to open a message within the list.
  3. Click Create an Offer
  4. Select an existing Gig to offer.
  5. In the Include Gig Extras area, add the extra services you would like to offer. 
  6. Describe your offer by including all the necessary details.
  7. In the Define Additional Details area, add the number of revisions, delivery time, and enter the total amount for your offer.
  8. Click Submit Offer.


  • If you would like to select another Gig instead, you can click Back next to the Submit Offer button and then select another Gig.
  • You can also send offers through the Buyer Requests section.
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