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Using the Shopping Cart

Fiverr's Shopping Cart allows you to add any Gig you want to an order. When finished picking Gigs, you can proceed to the Shopping Cart page to pay for all orders in one payment.

To use the shopping cart to purchase gigs:

  1. From the marketplace, click a Gig thumbnail.
  2. Next to the Order Now button, you will see the Shopping Cart icon.

    Note: If you are ordering a package, after clicking Select, you will arrive on the Order Details page. The Shopping Cart icon will appear next to the payment button.
  3. To add the Gig to your Shopping Cart, click the Shopping Cart icon.
    You can do this for any Gig you are interested in ordering. After you add a Gig, you can continue shopping.
  4. When done adding to your shopping cart, to complete the order, click View Cart.
    The Shopping Cart page is displayed.

  • You can add multiples of the order by clicking the Arrow icon, or remove the Gig from the cart by clicking Remove Gig.
  • If you removed a Gig, you will still be able to restore it by clicking Restore.
  • You have the option to add upgrades to your order by clicking the Plus icon next to each item, or remove upgrades from the cart by clicking the Minus icon. To see more available upgrades, click See more.
  • If the Gig’s status has changed, for example, is declined, suspended, or paused, you will not have the option to purchase it.
  1. When finished adding upgrades and finalizing your order, click Proceed to Payment.

Note: If you would like to continue browsing Fiverr, you can click Keep Shopping.

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