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What are Custom Offers?

Custom Offers is a feature, which allows sellers to be proactive and offer their services to potential buyers in a customized manner.

By sending buyers a Custom Offer, you have the flexibility in pricing. You can conduct larger deals and offer higher prices - there's no need to start at $5, you can set the price. It also allows you to accommodate specific buyers' requests with a personalized offer. Learn more about how Custom Offers can help your business.

When buyers contact you and inquire about your service, you can just redirect them to your Gig page. However, you’re likely to lose them along the way.

How does it work?

Custom Offers can be created from any inbox message.

Fiverr allows you to send Custom Offers for buyers who send you emails. For example, if you provide video testimonial and a buyer would like a special request, then you can reply with a Custom Offer to the buyer’s request.

Custom Offers can also be created in response to a Custom Order Request from a buyer. Learn more.

The new Fiverr Anywhere feature allows you to send Custom Offers outside of Fiverr - on your blog, Facebook, messages, and anywhere else. Learn more.

For a detailed explanation of how to send a Custom Offer, click here.

Note: Custom Offers are available for all sellers. Offer limits vary per seller level.


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