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Managing Your Favorites (Collections)

Fiverr allows you to save Gigs that you like by adding them to your favorites. You must be logged in to add a Gig to your favorites.

To add a Gig to your favorites:

  • When browsing the marketplace, place your mouse over the bottom left corner of Gig that you like. In each Gig, you have two icons: the Save in icon and the Add to Favorites icon.

Save in

  1. If you click Save in, you can add the the Gig to the “Gigs I Love” collection or to create a new collection, by clicking Add Collection.
  2. Name your new collection and click OK.


  • If you click Favorite, the Gig will be added to your default collection.

Note: When clicking Favorite, your heart icon is filled. To remove that Gig from your favorites, just click the heart icon again.

To manage your collections:

  1. Once logged in, click Buying > Favorites.
  2. To make a new collection, click Create a New Collection.
  3. Enter the name and click Create.
  4. Clicking on an existing collection takes you to that collection. There are two tabs:
    • All Gigs: This lists all the Gigs you have collected.
    • Active Gigs: This lists all the active Gigs (i.e. available to purchase) in your collection.
  5. To order all the Gigs in your collection, click the Add Collection to Cart button.

Note: You can also edit the title of your collection or delete your collection.

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