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Activating Vacation Mode

When you’re about to leave on vacation, or need some time off, you can use Vacation Mode to let buyers know that you’re away and when you’ll return.

To activate your vacation mode:

  1. Once logged in, place your mouse over your username and click Selling > My Gigs.

    Note: Once the vacation mode is activate, you can access it by placing your mouse over your username and clicking Change Vacation Mode.

  2. At the top right of the My Gigs page, in the VACATION MODE field, click the button to activate or deactivate it. By default, it's deactivated.
  3. From the Activate Vacation Mode popup, in the AWAY REASON drop-down list, select your reason.
  4. In the DURATION FIELD drop-down list, select how long you will be away. Currently, you can select from one day to two months.
  5. Click DONE.

    Note: While you're away, buyers have the option to be notified when your Gig is reactivated. You'll receive a daily update with the number on your waiting list.

Active Vacation Mode

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