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Using Quick Responses

Within any Inbox, active order, or delivery message, you can create a template response within the message to help you reply faster.

For example, if you're a graphic design seller and a buyer asks you about which formats you provide, you can create a template response entitled "Graphic Design Formats" and write a message that details all the formats you provide for your Gig.

Using Suggested Quick Responses

Suggested quick responses, which appear in blue, were created to help you answer your buyers’ most common questions in a quick and structured manner. Fiverr provides predefined text for the most common scenarios. You will be able to edit the text and add your own personal touch to the message before sending. By responding quickly, you provide better service for your buyers.

To use suggested quick responses:

  1. When responding to a message, click the relevant button.
    Just above the message text area, you will see predefined buttons with the most common buyer inquiries.

    Note: You can use suggested quick responses from within an inbox message, an order, and when delivering your order.

  2. After selecting a button, you can add or change the text in your message before sending.

    Note: In some instances, you will need to add additional details when you see the following placeholder: <place add details here>.

  3. Click Send.

To create a new quick response template:

  1. From right above the message area in an Inbox, active order, or delivery message, click Use a quick response.
  2. Click Add new.
  3. In the Quick response name field, enter the name of your template response.
  4. In the Enter your quick response field, enter the text you would like to save and send to the user.
  5. Click Save.
    Your quick response is saved and available for use by clicking the arrow next to Use a quick response.

To save or edit a quick response:

  1. After sending a message, you will have an option to save it to your quick responses template. Just click Save as a quick response within the message you just sent.
  2. To edit, duplicate, or delete a quick response, just select the drop-down arrow in the quick response button and make a choice.


  • You can create your own quick response buttons and text and change the order of appearance by dragging and dropping the buttons.
  • Typing {username} will automatically insert the recipient's username within your message.



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