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How do I use my shopping balance for future purchases?

If you have funds in your account balance, it will be automatically applied to your next purchase. If the purchase is larger than the amount in your balance, you can use another source of payment to complete the purchase.

Note: If you are making a purchase using the shopping cart, or if you are a member of a team account, you will not be able to use another payment source. In these cases, if the purchase is larger than the amount in your balance, you may only use one payment source.

Recommendation for Shopping Cart and Team Account Users

If you are placing an order with Gig Extras, we recommend placing the main order first (this will take money from your shopping balance) and then you can order the Gig Extras from your order page, one by one until your shopping balance has been used.

All Gig Extras for the Gig will be available to order from your order page while the order is in progress, with the exception of the Extra Fast Gig Extra. The Extra Fast Gig must be ordered from the Gig page along with the main Gig.

Note: If you are purchasing a custom order, you must have the entire amount in your balance when purchasing.

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