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Offering Premium Quality Licensed Stock Images

You can offer premium quality licensed stock image as an extra when setting up your Gig. If the buyer purchases the stock image Gig extra, you just select an image from the gallery and download it for use in your delivery.

Note: The stock image feature is in partnership with Getty Images®.

To enable and select a stock image:

  1. When defining extras in your Gig, mark the checkbox next to STOCK.
    If the buyer purchases this Gig extra, you will see it in the order page.
  2. Within the Order page in the STOCK IMAGES section, click Select Image.

    Note: If the buyer purchased multiple images, you will have the option to select more than one.

  3. After you select the image, make sure you download the high resolution version. When you finish your work, click Deliver Your Order.

    Note: The buyer will not be able to download high resolution stock images. Therefore, you must download them and attach them to your delivery.


  • Once you deliver, the buyer will be able to see the image you selected.
  • The image may only be used for the purpose of the specific order.
  • You cannot share the original stock image file with anyone else.
  • Buyers and sellers cannot use images in templates to create multiple copies of the same Gig for the same or different buyers.
  • If the order is cancelled, the commission you received on the stock image will be deducted from your account.

Currently, stock images are only available in certain categories.

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