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Why does Fiverr charge fees when withdrawing revenue to PayPal?

Fiverr requires its customers who withdraw revenue to their PayPal account to cover part of the associated fees of that transaction. This charge is to cover the mandatory fees added by PayPal in order to facilitate the transfer of funds. The transaction is what PayPal calls "Send Money", which is usually up to $3.2 for every withdrawal at or above $100 or up to 2.9% below.

Fiverr, through its partnership with PayPal has a Send Money fee capped at $1 up to $50 or 2% for every withdrawal under $50 as stated in our Terms of Service. Withdrawing revenue from Fiverr should not be confused with Withdrawing funds to a bank account from your PayPal account, which is also subject to regional or country-based fees.

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