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Using Emojis

Emojis are a way to easily express your feelings in a conversation. The following is a list of a few ways you can use emojis in your messages:

Instant Reactions

We offer a set of six extra-large emojis, which allow you to quickly react to a message.

  1. Hover over the Emoji (smiley) icon.
  2. Click a Instant Reaction of your choice.
  3. Click Send.


The full selection of emojis allow you to fully express yourself.

  1. Click the Emoji (smiley) icon.
  2. Click an emoji of your choice.
  3. Click Send.

Emoji Code

You can add any emoji by typing an emoji code.

  1. To view the available emoji codes, click the Emoji (smiley) icon.
  2. Hover over an emoji.
    It’s code will be displayed at the top-right corner of the emoji picker.
  3. Type an emoji code in the text-box (e.g. :heart:).
  4. Click Send.


To insert an emoji in your message, use your device’s native emoji keyboard


  • If your message only contains emojis, they will appear extra-large once you send your message.
  • Regular emoticons (e.g. <3) will be translated into an emoji.
  • Email updates about incoming messages may or may not support the display of an emoji, depending on the viewer’s operating system.



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