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Managing Teams

Teams allows you to add existing Fiverr users to the same account. You can create a team, add existing Fiverr users to the team, and fund it with a shopping balance for all team members to purchase from.

Once you create your team, you become the sole admin. Only the admin can see and use the Team Settings page. Admins can create only one team, and users can belong to only one team.

All members that you add to the team will then have the option to purchase using the team balance.

Only you and your team members will see the team name. From the seller’s perspective, you and your team members appear to be standard Fiverr buyers.

Note: This feature is currently in Beta and is available only to select users.

To create a team:

  1. Once logged in, click Buying > Team Account.
  2. Enter a team name and click Create Team.

    Note: Once the team name is added, you can edit it.

To fund a team balance:

  1. In the AVAILABLE BALANCE area, your account balance is displayed. To add funds to your account, click Add Funds.
  2. Enter the amount of funds you would like to pre-load to your account and click Continue.
    You will be redirected to an order page where you can proceed with PayPal, credit or debit cards to pre-load your account.


  • The minimum amount you can deposit is $50.
  • The standard processing fee is charged when you load a balance into your team account, instead of being charged at Gig purchase.

To invite, add, and remove team members:

  • In the INVITE TEAM MEMBER area, enter an email address and click Add.
    The user will receive a notification and be added to your team. You will be able to remove the user in the MANAGE MEMBERS area by hovering your mouse over a user row, then clicking the trash can icon that appears on the far right.

Note: Removing a team member does not delete or affect their account in any way. It only removes them from your team.

Purchasing with the Team Balance

On the checkout page, both the admin and team members will have an option to choose a payment account: Team or Personal.

To make a purchase using the team balance:

  • Select Team - [TEAM NAME] and click Pay Now (which will complete the purchase and the order will continue like a typical order).

To purchase using your personal account:

  • Select Personal - [USERNAME] and click Pay Now (which will continue as a typical Fiverr order).

    • The admin will receive an order email for all orders place by team members, which includes a note stating who made the purchase.
    • Any additional purchases after the order has been placed (e.g. extras, tipping, etc.) using the team account will automatically be taken from the team balance.

To view past team purchases:

  1. Once logged in, click your profile picture, and then click Buying > Orders.
  2. View any order tab for an additional column labeled Account.


Q. How many teams can I create?
A. Currently, you can create one team. This may change in the future, so please follow the Fiverr blog and social properties.

Q. What happens when an order is cancelled?
A. If an order, which was placed using a team balance is cancelled, the funds will automatically be returned to the team balance.

Q. Can I still use my personal Fiverr account if I belong to a team?
A. Yes! Upon checkout for any Gig, you have the option to select the team balance or your personal account.

Q. Who can see our team name?
A. Only the admin and team members will see the team name anywhere on Fiverr. All other users, including sellers, will see a normal user, as always.

Q. Can I add another admin or change a user role?
A. No. Currently, each team can have only one admin (the user who created the team) and team members. Stay tuned, as this will change in the future.

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